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Let me introduce you my friends’ super band called Bundamove.
Maybe only the 0.5% of the whole World population would know them, and I’m in this lucky part. In just one word, if you really love music and if you’re really amazed by the coolest sound ever, you just need to listen to them (and to buy their first album “Connection” on ITunes aswell) because their sound is so FUN-ny, so FUN-ky and just FUN-tastic!!



HOLIDAY week 3.

HOLIDAY part 3:
Sea, sunset, wine festival, peacefull places

Week #2

First weekend vacation.

Salento, Puglia, IT.

Best moments of my Milan Manca Fashion Week, Juve 2014

Eurotour 2014: 1st May- 8th May

First stop: London (1-2-3 May 2014) - Part 2.

Eurotour- 1st May- 8th May . 

First stop: London (1-2-3 May 2014) - Part 1.

PepperChocolate capsule collection for Valentina Ferragni and GiorgioCiccone is out! You can find the whole collection at http://www.pepperchocolate.it/ 

Remix night supported by vogue talents, 5/03/2014

Paolo Nutini performing "Iron Sky" from his new album “Caustic Love”, which is supposed to be out in april 2014.

I mean: 2014 started about 2 months ago so I can definitely say this is the best song of the year up to the present!

Mfw Prada iconoclast

Mfw Prada iconoclast

Today I wanna introduce you to one of the most talented illustrator- or, I might better say young artist- in italy. I’m talking about Ale Giorgini, 

His works just caught me immediately from the first time I saw them.

I chose these drawings from his “That’s Amore!” collection because, of course, love- in every single aspect- is the cornerstone of life and even if sometimes love is difficult to express, you can easily come across its extended concept by these pictures.

I suggest you to come round his personal website http://www.alegiorgini.com where you can also find the shops  if you’d decide to buy his stuff. Enjoy!

Another super awaited album is ready to be released in April 2014…and I’m talking about “Caustic Love”, the new work signed by Paolo Nutini

The young scottish songwriter is out with his new song “Scream(Funky my life up)" and I’m so glad to talk you about this album preview.

I got into Paolo Nutini’s music with his Myspace page about 8 years ago, when I was a little young girl good at discovering cool music and talented musician with Myspace -I’m a myspace nostalgic, it was a good vehicle at that time, I think I met the biggest part of my musician friends there- and I began to follow his career ever since.  

Later, when I started to work with local music magazines and gig organization group, I had the pleasure to work at Italia Wave Love Festival 2011 in Lecce, where I met this nice and lonely artist that inflamed the heart of people who attended that festival. It has been one of the most beautiful situation I attended in my life too.

I’m so curious to listen to his new album, I mean, his music never disappointed me at all! And I must say that this first single sounds so good, I think I won’t be disappointed not even this time…and I hope it would funk my life up too!